Felony Fights – MMA fighter makes short work of chump

Felony Fights, MMA fighter makes short work of chump. The dude didn’t stand a chance and has to tap out on a ground and pound.

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Kimbo Slice street fighter

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Felony Fights – Josh vs Alex

Felony Fights real street fight video, Josh vs Alex.

Felony Fights – Mike vs MMA fighter Shad Smith

A young guy named Mike fights against MMAer Shad Smith. When Smith is about to win the fight, he walks away to give Mike another chance. During this break he explains to Michael Lynch (founder of Felony Fights) that he’s not going in full force because he doesn’t wanna damage the kid permanently. In the second round Mike doesn’t back down, so Smith beats him up pretty good anyway. MMA has rules, Felony Fights has none.

Did you know that…
- Shad Smith claims to have been in over a thousand street and bar fights?
- Most of his fights were instigated by himself?
- He fought so much because he wanted to disguise his homosexuality?
- Smith is one of the few MMAers who is openly homosexual?
- He participated on Felony Fights because he just got out of prison and needed some money?


MMA Legend Don Frye – Hotel Lobby Fight

Watch MMA legend Don Frye get into a fight in a hotel lobby. He is way out of his prime now, but Don Frye used to be an amazing MMA fighter.

Underground MMA Street Fight

Underground MMA street fight. Also a perfect example of why you don’t show out, it just makes your knockout that much more embarrassing.

Real Life Kung Fu – Schoolyard Fight

Here is a real life application of Kung Fu in what appears to be a schoolyard brawl. The music when he gets into his stance makes it so much more awesome.

Middle Eastern Pro Boxer vs 4 Attackers

A Middle Eastern pro boxer takes on 4 attackers in the street.

Russian Pro Boxer Takes Out 2 Guys in the Street

A Russian pro boxer takes out 2 guys in the street for hitting his girlfriend.

1 Mexican VS 5 Black dudes and 1 girl

1 Mexican VS 5 Black dudes and 1 girl, group fight.